Boalsburg Village B&B is located in historic Boalsburg Village, three miles from State College. Local artist Ken Hull opens his Main Street home, a house built from a Montgomery Ward catalogue in the 1920's. From his travels through France and Italy the décor is of warm Mediterranean colors with vintage French and Italian posters adorning the walls. Big open windows bathe the rooms in light, and guests have the place all to themselves. Warm weather allows for lounging on the large covered porch, cozy in its room-like furnishings and open to the goings-on of Main St. A hearty breakfast is served in a log cabin next-door, hand-built by the artist. This is not an ordinary cabin, this is also Ken's studio and gallery. Here he creates his work in the loft above and you enjoy your breakfast in his charming gallery below. Historic Duffy's Tavern is a short two-minute walk away. And our newest neighbor Kelly's Steak and Seafood is just a walk around the corner. Guests will enjoy the European-style hospitality of this artist's home and chance to explore a village packed with history and ambiance.

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As of now, the B&B is closed.  The former space is becoming a community art gallery called Boalsburg Village Artisans.  This will be a wonderful venue for our local artists and a learning center and exhibit space for emerging young artists.

Opening Memorial Day Weekend 2007

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